Kankalitala (9km):
A temple situated at the bank of River Kopai is the centre of attraction. Kankalitala is about 7 km from Santiniketan. Buses ply on the Bolpur-Labhpur route. According to mythology, when the dead boby of maa Parvati was cut by Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan chakra, the waist fell at kankalitala. It is one of the Sathi Pitha out of total such 51 pithas.

Nanoor (18 km):
Birthplace of Kabi Chandidas, famous for Vaishnava Padavalis. A temple dedicated to Devi Basuli or Bishalakshmi is like a stupa (mound). Bansuli Devi is one of the Mahavidyas according to the tantras. The image that is worshipped as Bansuli or Bishalakshmi Devi is really a Bagiswari image. Bagiswari and Saraswati are other Mahavidyas according to the tantras.
Joydev-Kenduli (30 km):
Birthplace of poet Joydev, author of the Geeta Govinda, a 12th century masterpiece in Sanskrit. A fair is held here on Makar Sankranti (mid-January). Baul songs are the principal attraction of this fair.

Lavpur-Fullara (30 km):
Fullara is near Labhpur and is about 30 km from Santiniketan, One could also come here from Kankalitala, which is about 19 kms. According to mythology, when Mahadeva danced around with Sati’s dead body cutting it to pieces, the lip fell at Fullara. There is a big pond beside the temple. According to hearsay, Hanuman collected 108 blue lotuses from the pond when Sri Ramachandra required them for the worship of goddess Durga. It is considered to be one of the fifty-one shakti peethas in India.

It is situated near Dubrajpur. It is famous for Rajbari, a historical heritage. Hetampur has a number of good tanks surrounded by tall palm trees.

Mama-Bhagne Rock (Dubrajpur):
50 Kms from Santiniketan after crossing Suri. A small township, which having a number of Shiva temple. Numbers of gigantic rocks are found in the vicinity. Two remarkable of these rocks are known as Mama & Bhagne (Uncle & Nephew).

Sainthia (44 km):
Devi Nandikeswari temple is situated here. Nandikeshwari temple is one of the 51 Shakti peethas, is only 1.5 K.m from Railway Station. The town is sanctified by the river Kopai and Maa Nandikeshwari, the Holy Goddess and here Sati's neck-bone fell. The temple is under a banyan tree within a boundary wall.

Bakreshwar (58 km):
Another Satipitha, a famous Bakranath Shiva temple is also there. There are a number of hot water springs with varying temperatures. The water coming out from the sulphurous hot springs has got therapeutic value

Massanjore (75km):
Located in Dumka, Jharkhand, this is the site of a dam on river Mayurakshi amidst hilly landscape

Tarapith (88 km):
Numerous pilgrims visit the Tara Devi temple, which is famous for Sadhak Bamakhaypa.

Nalhati (100 km):
The throat of Sati or “Nala” fell here as known by tradition. This is a beautiful place with fine vicinity and plateaus all around it where Nalateswri resides and has resemblance with Kamakha and Kalighat pithas. The goddess of this place is known as Maa Nalateswri who is also praised as Maa or “Bhagobidhata-Nalateswri” or Devi Parvati or Kalika. A few kilometres away from this temple lays the shrine of Jogesh Bhairab, Ganesha temple and a mysterious neem tree. Puja ceremonies start from opening of the “Garb Griha” (sanctum of sanctorum) at 5:30 am and end at 8:30 pm but the timings do change with the seasons.

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