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At the north of Dinantika, a (straw) thatched house is situated where Rathindranath (son of Rabindranath) lived some days after his marriage & now it is office of Alumni Association of Viswa Varathi.

Dinantika (Tea Party):
By the side of Benikunja, an octagonal small two storied house is situated where Dinendra Smiriti Tea-Party (Cha Chakra) was organized daily in the evening for the teachers. In 1939, Kamala Devi, wife of Dinendranath, constructed it.
Chaiti was built as per Buddhist culture with the mixture of Clay & Tar and designed by Surendra nath Kar & Nandalal Basu. New handicrafts made by students are displayed here.

Kala Bhavan:
In 1923 under the guidance of Nandalal Basu, Kala Bhavan was established. In Kalabhavan complex, many buildings are situated where wall paintings & sculptures of renowned artists like Ramkinkar Baiz, Nandalal Basu, Binod Behari Mukherjee, Somnath Hore are displayed.In 1981, 12th December, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, inaugurated Naba Nandan, a building under Kala Bhavan. Earlier it was situated at Dwarik where Surendranath Kar, Asit Kumar Halder, Nandalal Basu and many others were the Professors. An exhibition hall, collection department & a library are situated in Naba Nandan

Black House (Kalo Bari):
In between Sangeet Bhavan & Kala Bhavan, Black House (Kalo Bari) is situated where students of Kala Bhavan were residing. This Bhavan is built in 1934 as per wish of Tagore & planning of Nandalal Basu, Surendranath Kar and Ramkinkar Baiz.

Sangeet Bhavan:
In 1923, under the guidance of Dinendra nath Thakur and Bhimrao Sastri, Sangeet Bhavan was established. It is situated at the west of Black House (Kalo Bari) where primarily music classes are held for B. Music & M. Music courses.

Drama House (Natya Ghar):
In front of Naba Nandan & side of Bichitra (Rabindra Bhavan), this big hall is situated where Rabindra Saptyaha, Barshamangal, Sharadutsav etc. are celebrated.

Central Library:
This is situated just opposite of Administrative Building of Viswa Varathi. Only members are allowed to use this library. 

Nippon Bhavan:
Foundation stone was laid on 16.09.1991 & inaugurated by Mr. K. R. Narayanan, President of India on 03.02.1994. This house is utilized to teach Japanese language & literature.

Ratan Kuthi:
It was constructed in memory of Ratanji Tata in 1923, which is still utilised as Guest House. It's located at the north of present Viswa Bharati Co-operative Society and at the north-east corner of old Paus Mela ground.

In 1922, Sriniketan was established as a rural development centre. An agricultural college is there. It is 3 km away from Santiniketan.

Deer Park & Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary:
Black Buck, Spotted Deer, Jackals, Foxes and variety of water birds are found there.

Situated along the canal after Shyambati, which is a valley of un-even red soil and beautiful trees (Sonajhuri).

House of Famious Rabindra Sangeet artist Sm. Kanika Banerjee, who learned Rabindra Sangeet from Gurudeb and Santideb Ghosh, is situated in Andrews Palli (45 quarters).

House of Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics and an ex-student of Viswa Bharati, is also situated near to Uttarayan compound on the way to Deer Park.

Saturday & Sunday’s Hut (Mela/ Fair):

House of Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics and an ex-student of Viswa Bharati, is also situated near to Uttarayan compound on the way to Deer Park.

Kopai River:
A small but beautiful river flowing from the northern side of Santiniketan after Khoai and some other villages is worth visiting during monsoon and winter. Rabindranath in his writing mentioned the natural beauty of Khoai and the river Kopai.

Lakshmi Shayer Lake:
About 10km away from Santiniketan on the way to Ilambazar, a beautiful Lake surrounded by red clay hillock is worth viewing. It’s a nice picnic spot during winter.

Shilpa Gram:
After Andrews Pally on the way to Sriniketan, a beautiful project has developed by EZCC (Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre), where handicraft items are displayed for sale by different government of Eastern & North-eastern States. Recently it was opened for public by the Governor of West Bengal.

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