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Vidya Bhavan (old):
This two storied building is situated at the south of Singha Sadan and houses Oriya & Sanskrit departments. This was converted from Dept of Advance Studies (1921) to Vidya Bhavan in 1925.

Toron Houses:
At the east of Singha Sadan, East Gate house & in West, West Gate house are situated. Now classes of School are held here but earlier these were known as student hostel.
Patha Bhavan(Old Library):
In front of Singha Sadan & north of Gour Prangan, Patha Bhavan is situated where ground floor was constructed by Balendranath Tagore in 1899. In 1901, Rabindranath established Bramacharya Ashram School here. At that point of time, the first floor roof was covered by straw. Rabindranath named this house as 'Balvi Kuthir'. In 1925, it was renamed as Patha Bhavan.

Gour Prangan:
In between Singha Sadan & Patha Bhavan office building, the open ground is known as Gour Prangan. This ground was named in memory of ex-student and Professor Gour Gopal Ghosh. Earlier, Basanta Utsav used to celebrate here.

Dwija Biram:
The house built in 1905 and named after eldest brother of Tagore, Dwijandralal Tagore. It's situated on the road opposite to State Bank of India.

Samindra Sishu Library:
East of Patha Bhavan's office, the library of school is situated. Earlier, a tile shaded house known as 'Prak Kuthir' was there.

Ghanta Tala:
In the middle of Salbithi & at the south of Madhabi Toron under a banyan tree in Gour Prangan, Ghantatala is situated. It is developed as per design of Sachistupa.

Hindi Bhavan:
In 1938, Hindi Bhavan was started functioning in a two-storied house, which was established beside present University Canteen and it was inaugurated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India. Degree and Post-graduate studies in Hindi literature are conducted here. A well-equipped Hindi literature library is also housed here.

China Bhavan:
At the west of Hindi Bhavan, a double storied house with boundary wall is known as China Bhavan, which was inaugurated by Rabindranath on 14th April 1937. Research and higher studies in Chinese Language is conducted here.

Mukut Ghar:
In 1932, in front of China Bhavan & at north-west corner of Santosh House (Santoshalaya) a thatched roofed tiny house is known as Mukut Ghar. The name was given as the drama Mukut (Throne) written by Rabindranath was first staged here. Now lady professors are lodged here. The house was destroyed completely by fire in 1980 and thereafter it was rebuilt as per design it was originally built.

At the north of Mukut Ghar, a tile shaded house surrounded by railing is known as Santoshalaya (Named by Tagore in the name of Santosh Chandra Majumder), where at present, a Child Students' (Girls) hostel of Patha Bhavan is situated. Earlier there was a student's hostel (Boys).
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